August 19, 2011

Let's Try Again! :D Hehe

            Okay so I have to admit that I haven't posted on either of my blogs for quite awhile so I figured it was about time! I really enjoyed writing on my blog and I know other people read it so...let's try again!

            So I guess I should start with what's been happening in my life lately! :-) Well, I just turned Sweet 16 so that's big news! Also, not quite as exciting at birthdays lol, school just started! I know you all are going, "Sssshhh, don't say the "S" word!" ;-) But it's true, school has offically started for me! I am taking Marine Biology this semester along with History, Writing, English, Alegebra and probably something else but I can't think of it off the top of my head..I haven't been exactly dwelling on school constantly! ;-)

           I've still been taking lots of photos with my Nikon D90 and I haven't had one regret about getting that camera! It is amazing! It takes super nice quality photos and is easy to use. I have tons of fun with it and am constantly going outside to snap some shots! I'm going to try to start putting a lot of them on this blog for you all to see so, please, let me know what you think of them! I would greatly apprecaite any and all comments! :-)

           Well, I will try to write more tomorrow! :-) I hope you all out there are having a pleasent evening and enjoying every minute that goes by!

These are just two photos I took with my Nikon D90! I liked how they turned out! You really can't go wrong with pictures of flowers! :-)



Micah Man said...

You're gonna do awesome in school, and I love both the photos, Rana!! :D

Miranda said...

Thanks tons, Micah Man! :D Hehe So far school is going great!! Call me crazy but i am LOVING algebra 2 and want to start doing like two lessons a day!! THanks! :D

Micah Man said...

Your welcome, Rana Banana! :D Glad school is going great! Haha...glad you like Algebra 2! Way to go! :D :D

Miranda said...

HAHA love that nick-name! :) Yeah Algebra 2 is so much fun! i love it! Thnx!

Micah Man said...

ME TOO! :D Haha...glad you do! Someone has too! ;) Your welcome!