July 29, 2010

Background Suggestions???

Okay so does everyone like the background my blog has now or do you like the first one better with the camera? I wanted a little bit more color so i decided to try this new one out. WHat do you all think???

1. Good
2. Awesome
3. Love It
4. Okay
5. Like the other one better
6. Hate it!

Let me know. :)

July 27, 2010

Photo 7

This is a photo of me that i took but it turned out really dark so i brightened it up a little. :)


July 24, 2010

Photo 6

My lovely sister, Bridget!


July 16, 2010

little chicks!

One of our many lil' chicks...from earlier this year. :) They are so cute at this stage!


July 13, 2010

July 7, 2010

Photo 4: Abstract

My eye with a peace sign infront of it. Thought it looked pretty cool. :)