July 1, 2010

Photo 2: Ice Cream!!!!



Josie said...

The Freezer, right? I love their ice cream! :) Sprinkles are make great pictures!

Sereina said...

Ooh! Look at all the sprinkles!

Elizabeth J. said...

Hello Miranda, this is my first visit to your blog so I wanted to say hey. The ice cream cone picture is realy cool and I love how all of the colors of the sprinkles have a certain "pop" to them.

~Elizabeth J.

Hannah said...

And I just got back from Nate's (you know the lil' country store down the road from us) where we ate icecream after piling our truck and trailer *high* with hay! I love hay season! I was tossing the bales up to David in the trailer and was doing it all on my own since Daddy was talking to the guy who bales it, and I could do it but it was getting harder as the trailer was getting stacked higher and higher with hay. My arms and hands were getting all scratched and bleeding and then I was heaving this one bale up trying to get it up to David (I had to toss it up about 3-4 feet) and Daddy came around the corner of the trailer and I go "I - don't- think- I- can- get- this--up- here! It's getting to high!" So Daddy rescued me and I went in the cab with Mama and told her when to stop the truck so the bales would be in line with the trailer :)
I think we deserved the icecream!
Not everyone wanted to stop at the store, but for some reason when we DID stop, everyone got icecream...

That looks like a soft-serve cone in the pic, I have not had one of those in SO LONG! But, they are my fav! A soft-serve tWiSt!

Miranda said...

Josie: yes the freezers! It was awesome! They sure do! :)

Elizabeth J: thanks so much for coming and looking at my blog! I hope to see you around here more often if you choose too. THanks!

Hannah: Sounds like a blast!! yeah softserve cones are very yummy! My personal favorite to get at this partical ice cream store is called a blue rasberry glacer! It is a blue rasberry slushi with a pillar of soft serve vanilla ice cream in the middle! OH YUM! :)