June 29, 2010

Photo 1 (again): Springtime


P.S Sorry the picture a day thing didn't really work at first but i think i have enough pictures to start myself out and keep going!!! Hopefully i can make it this time! ;)

June 28, 2010

Pictures Through The Lens

Here is a picture my friend actually took of micah through my sunglasses i was wearing. It turned out pretty cool!!

Here is a picture of me that Micah took. If you look into the lens of the sunglasses you can see the whole table of people infront of me. Pretty cool, huh?? :)

This one is a picture i took of my friend, sarah, and her boyfriend, Cameron.

This one turned out really cool! I like the angle a lot.


June 18, 2010

Micah and Josh

Hey Ya'll,

This is a awesome photo i got of my brother, Joshua, and my friend, Micah. It isn't supper unique in the way i took it and it wasn't posed or taken from a photographers eye...just snapped to capture their smiles.

This ones makes me laugh every time!! :D


June 3, 2010

Our New Basketball Hoop

So my younger brother got a new basketball hoop and ball for his birthday! IT is all set up and it is so cool! Honestly i think i play with it more then he does! : ) I have always found an interest in basketball! It is my favorite sport to play!

So here is a unique and interesting photo i took of it after it was put up. Nothing supper special but it seemed like the kind of picture that you look at and keep looking at it to try to focus on every bit of it but it never works. Maybe i'm just going crazy! :-p