June 28, 2010

Pictures Through The Lens

Here is a picture my friend actually took of micah through my sunglasses i was wearing. It turned out pretty cool!!

Here is a picture of me that Micah took. If you look into the lens of the sunglasses you can see the whole table of people infront of me. Pretty cool, huh?? :)

This one is a picture i took of my friend, sarah, and her boyfriend, Cameron.

This one turned out really cool! I like the angle a lot.



Hannah said...

Wow Miranda! Those are great!
I like those mirror glasses.

Miranda said...

Thanks hannah!
So do i!! The pair in the pictures are my friends but i really wnat to get myself some!! :)

Josie said...

Awesome! Those glasses are awesome! :)

Sereina said...

Those are awesome photos!

Micah Man said...

Awesome pics!