August 20, 2011

"Smiling on a Rainy Day"

            So I don't know about you all reading this but today my house got DRENCHED with rain!! It only lasted for about 20 minutes or less but it was actually kinda scary how hard it was coming down! It didn't even look like rain drops but more like buckets or water being dumped from the sky! Our grass was VERY happy though so that was good!

            I biked about two miles today to house sit for a neighbor of mine so it was nice to get a little exercise and feel the nice fresh rain air in my lungs! Plus I rode through ALL the puddles so that was fun! HEHE :-)
I'd love to hear what you guys did today! It's almost fall so I hope you're getting in all your summer fun and swimming! lol

           Also today my big sister, Bridget, is performing in a play she has been working on!! I'm so excited for her! I won't be able to see the play but I know she will do fantastic! She is a great actress and really enjoys it! :-) So in 15 years  when you go to watch "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway, I bet you 50 bucks her name will be in the cast list! ;-)

 So long for now! Wishing you all a great evening!!!

August 19, 2011

Let's Try Again! :D Hehe

            Okay so I have to admit that I haven't posted on either of my blogs for quite awhile so I figured it was about time! I really enjoyed writing on my blog and I know other people read it so...let's try again!

            So I guess I should start with what's been happening in my life lately! :-) Well, I just turned Sweet 16 so that's big news! Also, not quite as exciting at birthdays lol, school just started! I know you all are going, "Sssshhh, don't say the "S" word!" ;-) But it's true, school has offically started for me! I am taking Marine Biology this semester along with History, Writing, English, Alegebra and probably something else but I can't think of it off the top of my head..I haven't been exactly dwelling on school constantly! ;-)

           I've still been taking lots of photos with my Nikon D90 and I haven't had one regret about getting that camera! It is amazing! It takes super nice quality photos and is easy to use. I have tons of fun with it and am constantly going outside to snap some shots! I'm going to try to start putting a lot of them on this blog for you all to see so, please, let me know what you think of them! I would greatly apprecaite any and all comments! :-)

           Well, I will try to write more tomorrow! :-) I hope you all out there are having a pleasent evening and enjoying every minute that goes by!

These are just two photos I took with my Nikon D90! I liked how they turned out! You really can't go wrong with pictures of flowers! :-)


February 20, 2011

Self timer cameras are the best! ;) hahaha.
But just thought this one had a interesting look to it..


February 4, 2011

Here are some photos i found recently that i REALLY want to copy!!! I've been getting into taking already done pics and taking a version of my own!! it's really fun to re-compose the picture to get them to match! :) Plus i dont' have to be creative and think of the picture all by myself!! hehe

This one is of one of my favorite actors, Jake yeah this one is on the back burner cause i have no guy i know with longiss straight black im gonna have to think about that one for a bit..

 This one is of Katie Holmes!! She is GORGEOUS and i LOVE this photo of her!!!

 This photo is of another one of my favorite actors, Hugh Jackman. Again (sigh) i have no guy i know with hair like this or that looks a thing like him but we'll just see...

 And last but not least Reese Witherspoon (i've been told i look like her...i dont' believe it! haha). But my sister said i should pose for the picture cause i have her bangs but we'll see...i'm usually more comfortable behind the camera lens...not in front! :)

Let me know what you think....:)


January 31, 2011

One Down!!

The Original Picture..
My Version of Bridget...

What do ya'll think??


January 29, 2011

Copy-Cat Week

So in my photography class our assignment is to take two pictures and copy cat sister has curly blonde hair so i thought i'd copy these taylor swift photos!! It will be FUUUUN! :)

Of course it will be a challenge because my teacher wants them as close as we can to the original...for example i'm getting a ring to put on her finger for the first one...getting the right eyeshadow for the second one...styling her hair the same way...getting hte lighting the same etc. But i'm excited! :D I'll post the copies that i took later this week! :)

January 18, 2011

Yeah you better watch out when we are around! ;-)