August 20, 2011

"Smiling on a Rainy Day"

            So I don't know about you all reading this but today my house got DRENCHED with rain!! It only lasted for about 20 minutes or less but it was actually kinda scary how hard it was coming down! It didn't even look like rain drops but more like buckets or water being dumped from the sky! Our grass was VERY happy though so that was good!

            I biked about two miles today to house sit for a neighbor of mine so it was nice to get a little exercise and feel the nice fresh rain air in my lungs! Plus I rode through ALL the puddles so that was fun! HEHE :-)
I'd love to hear what you guys did today! It's almost fall so I hope you're getting in all your summer fun and swimming! lol

           Also today my big sister, Bridget, is performing in a play she has been working on!! I'm so excited for her! I won't be able to see the play but I know she will do fantastic! She is a great actress and really enjoys it! :-) So in 15 years  when you go to watch "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway, I bet you 50 bucks her name will be in the cast list! ;-)

 So long for now! Wishing you all a great evening!!!

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Micah Man said...

It poured at our house too!! Yes, Bridget rocks! :D