May 11, 2010


We got 150 chicks this morning!! We picked them up from the post office and brought them to their new home!! They were all SO cute so i had to take a picture of them!!

Hope you enjoy them!!


Josie said...

SOO CUTE!!! I love the new background! Show me sometime, please!
P.s. The gum that you gave me is still good! :P

Micah Man said...

They are very cute!! :) Great pic, Rana!! THanks for posting them!


P.S. Your new background is awesome! :)

Miranda said...

Thanks both of you!! I appreciate it!!
Micah: thanks yours rocks as well!
Josie: i'm glad you liked the gum! :) 79 can't resist that!!


Hannah said...

Awe! Aren't chicks so cute!
Looks like you discovered draftblogger! Have fun with it! Did you know there is a way to get your own pic in the background? I did it a few days ago. Maybe you can have someone take a picture of you and your camera and then you can use it for your background :)
just a thought,

Elyssa said...

I love this shot!!!!! So cute :)