March 15, 2010


Hey Everbody,

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you find it enjoyable!

Here are some photos i took of friends and family throughout 2009. Later i will have some newer ones from this year. Enjoy! :-)


My beautiful sister, Bridget!

My little brother, Nikita.

My amazing best friend, Jennifer! She is so lovely! :-)

Bridget and my brother, Joshua.

My awesome friend, Micah!

Joshua in our woods. He is so great!

My sister Rachael. This photo was taken for her (drum roll) GRADUATION! I can't believe my sister is graduated!! She looked so beautiful!

Well, i hope you have enjoyed this first set of photos from last year!! I'm sure there will be many more to come!! :-)

God Bless,


Micah Man said...

I love the pic of Nik!! : ) And that's a great pic of Jenn too!!


Miranda said...

Thanks! He is so cute! I know it!! She looks so pretty! You look great picture in your picture too!


Hannah said...

Fun! I like your pictures!
What kind of camera did you get?
I am having fun with the one I just bought.
Lookin forward to more~ Hannah

Micah Man said...

Yeah, he is!!! And yes, she is very pretty!! Thanks!!


Miranda said...


I have a Sony cyber-shot 12.1 mega pixels. I really like it!! It works really well for me!! :)

what kind do you have??

Hannah said...

Ok, nice.
I just bought a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. It is 3 years old and used, but the guy I got it from hardly used it and it was in like new condition.
It came with two sd card (1 GB, and a 2 GB), a great case, the software, and the manuals all for $165 including shipping. I was really glad for that price.
I found it on craigslist.
I really like it alot and have been having fun practicing.
I want to get a SLR camera eventually, but for now I am content with my "more quality" point and shoot camera.

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures!
You are very talented!!
I can't wait to see whats to come!

Miranda said...

Hannah: sounds like it was a awesome deal!! I'm glad that you like it! :-)

Thanks Laura!! i appreciate it.
God Bless,

Brunette Farmgirl said...

Awesome pictures Miranda!!!!

Miranda said...

thanks Josie! i saw someone else was following me and i was like, Brunette farmgirl? who is that? but then i was like OH JOSIE!! :) thanks for checking it out!!

Great seeing you earlier today!

Brunette Farmgirl said...

Okay good, you figured out it was me! :)

Miranda said...

Josie, by the way, thanks for inviting me to your blog!! I love the background!! SO YOU!