March 31, 2010


The mighty One, God the Lord speaks and summons the eart from the rising of the sun to its setting. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.   -Psalm 50:1-2

When we look at a sunset or sunrise we think, "Wow! How beautiful that is!! With shades of purple, red, orange, blue, and yellow spreading in and out of each other!! But we take for granted how mighty God is in making all that!! Could you make a sunrise?? I sure couldn't!! Even the smallest thing, like a sunset, that we don't even think about shows proof that we worship a great and holy God!! It is just amazing how powerful He is!!

Next time you see a sunset or sunrise and think how beautiful it is just imagine how beautiful the man who made it is!! All those colors and lights are only a reflection of His!



Hannah said...

Oh sunsets! They really are SO beautiful!
The heavens are telling a story. It's the story of the Glory of God. And the sky up above is declaring the works of his hand!

Micah Man said...

Very beautiful pictures, Miranda! That's an amazing reminder! Just like that amazing moon we were looking at on Tuesday! Our God is amazing! Thanks for posting these amazing pictures!


Miranda said...

Thanks micah!! Yes, that moon was amazing as we watched it come up from the tree tops!! WOW, what a amazing God we worship!! Your welcome!!