February 4, 2011

Here are some photos i found recently that i REALLY want to copy!!! I've been getting into taking already done pics and taking a version of my own!! it's really fun to re-compose the picture to get them to match! :) Plus i dont' have to be creative and think of the picture all by myself!! hehe

This one is of one of my favorite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal...so yeah this one is on the back burner cause i have no guy i know with longiss straight black hair....so im gonna have to think about that one for a bit..

 This one is of Katie Holmes!! She is GORGEOUS and i LOVE this photo of her!!!

 This photo is of another one of my favorite actors, Hugh Jackman. Again (sigh) i have no guy i know with hair like this or that looks a thing like him but we'll just see...

 And last but not least Reese Witherspoon (i've been told i look like her...i dont' believe it! haha). But my sister said i should pose for the picture cause i have her bangs but we'll see...i'm usually more comfortable behind the camera lens...not in front! :)

Let me know what you think....:)


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

i agree that I also am more comfortable BEHIND the camera... if you haven't noticed! :-D