November 29, 2010

Photo 18

This is a picture my friend Micah and i took when i got my first american eagle sweatshirt! :O haha. (he had already been a cool american eagle wearer) :) So we decided to take a picture and i think it turned out really cool. (especially for a phone taken photo!!!) It was taken a while ago, i think in 2008, but we both still have those sweatshirts and i always think of this photo when i wear it. We tease we are totally destined to be american eagle models! :) haha.



Micah Man said...

Love this picture! One of my favs of the two of us! :) And, yes, we could totally be AE models! :)


Miranda said...

I love it too! haha amen, we could!! We should too!! That would be so awesome! :P walking into American Eagle store and there's a pic of us on the wall. HAHAHA.